Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Tips to make money on Weblo (Part II)

In continuation from the previouse post about making money at here are more details:

Flipping (Resale)
The selling of an asset for more money then you paid for it (resale for profit). AdvertisingYour membership level will directly affect the advertising revenue you earn on your site (10% of what is earned for basic/free membership, 50% for VIP members etc.). Revenue is distributed depending on the number of clicks you receive from unique visitors as well.

Mayor Earnings (Greater Revenue Streams)
Mayors earn a 0.5% surcharge applied to every transaction in their city. This means that Weblo Mayors earn $0.05 per every $10 spent in their city. More revenue streams are available to mayors if 2 criteria are met at the moment that the transaction is made in your city:

1) Members visiting your city pages will rank your site. Your site must maintain a relevancy ranking of 60% or higher
2) Your site must be updated on a weekly basis at minimum.If these conditions are met, Weblo

Mayors will also earn:
a) 1% of membership fees from members registered in your city (100 VIPs annually = $269)
b) 1.5% of initial purchase price on properties purchased in your city (from and before transaction fees)c) 2% of all ad revenues earned in your city.

Governor Earnings (Greater Revenue Streams)
Governors earn a 0.25% surcharge applied to every transaction in their state. This means that Weblo Governors would earn $0.25 per every $100 spent in their state.

Governors also earn the following:
a) 10% of membership fees from members registered in your state (100 VIPs annually = $2690)
b) 5% of initial purchase price on properties purchased in your state (from and before transaction fees)
c) 5% of all ad revenues earned in your state

Airport Owner Earnings
Airport owners share all earnings with the other airports in their state. The amounts distributed are based upon the ranking of each airport individually, relative to the others in the state. The highest ranked airport earns more than the lowest ranked but the actual share depends on the number of airports registered in the territory. In other words, the highest ranked airport in a state of 3 airports would earn more than the highest ranked airport in a state of 10 airports.

Earnings include distribution of:
a) 0.25% surcharge applied to every transaction in their state. This means that Weblo Airport owners share $0.25 per every $100 spent in their state
b) 5% of initial purchase price on properties purchased in the state (from and before transaction fees)

New Members = More Potential for All
Weblo Mayors and Governors will likely want to encourage new members to join as their earning potential grows dramatically. The Weblo State of Quebec is a perfect example. Due to the large amount of local coverage received in Quebec, it has the highest percentage of members registered. The Quebec state has approximately made a 10% return in a two month period! Other states have made significant earnings with only a few members registered to date. Still, every member benefits with more people involved at The more traffic has, the more likely all members will make more money!

Tips to make money at

Here are different ways a Weblonian ( member) can make money at

There are so many ways to make sure that your investment in makes you money. Whether you are interested in private domain name registration, real estate in a virtual world, celebrities or more, a smart investment portfolio includes owning virtual world assets at There are a couple of things that will help you earn more residual income and higher profit.

Content Relevance
The more relevant the content
is to your asset name, the better your site for a number of reasons.

a. Traffic will likely be far more satisfied with the Weblo Sites you create and happy with
having found it during a search or casually discovering it

b. People will probably return to your site again and again for more information and more func. The ads that are automatically populated on your site (and that you earn money from) will have something to do with your asset. The click-through potential is much higherd. The more relevant the site content, the higher perceived value your asset will have when re-sellinge. High content relevance rating improves ranking.


The most important thing to know is that ranking, traffic to your Asset Sites, content relevance (content that relates to your asset) and more, affect your earning potential in some way. Making sure that the content that is on your Asset Pages relates to the asset itself will help you move up in the rankings, in and out of

Community InvolvementGetting other members involved in your community and in sending you relevant content to add to your site will help increase its value. The more you add, the more resourceful, fun and entertaining your assets will be. So, How Do I Make Money?To make it more clear, here are the ways members earn money at

There are five ways to make money with your Weblo Assets:

1) Flipping (resale for profit)

2) Advertising (Clicks on PPC ads)

3) Percentages of transaction fees (Mayors, Governors)

4) Portions of initial purchase fees (Mayors, Governors and Airport owners)

5) Percentages of membership fees paid by newly registered members. (Mayors and Governors)

By smartly choosing, celebrity and property pages and bringing trafic to it will result in moderate amount of income for any body at

More details will follow in an other post.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

California Sold for $53,000

A worldwide land grab is underway as people rush to purchase states and cities at, a first-of-its-kind virtual duplicate of the world based on real properties, cities, states and Internet domains. Since its Sept. 26 launch, has sparked a virtual real estate boom. California sold for $53,000 USD, New York State sold for $18,433 and the Canadian province of Ontario sold for $16,900.

Major cites and properties around the world have sold and resold. The virtual mayor of Washington D.C. sold his city for a 300 percent profit. The virtual Empire State Building, originally purchased for one dollar, recently sold for $250. Members flip virtual properties for profit just like in the real world.

"It's like Monopoly on steroids. Every property, city and state from the real world is for sale at," says Rocky Mirza, CEO and co-founder of "This is social networking with commerce, where members finally get paid for their popularity. Before only website founders and shareholders profited."

Members attract traffic to their websites with compelling content including photo galleries, forums, polls and videos. Members profit from advertising revenue generated from their sites. City, State and airport owners earn a percentage of all transactions within their territories.

Membership Levels
Five levels of membership define user roles, determine discounts on purchases and influence the amount of money one can earn. Basic memberships are free and include a free Weblo Celebrity Fan Site. These Fan Sites can be filled with interesting content about your favorite celebrity, your best friend or even your dog. Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP levels range in cost from $4.95 to $29.95 per month. Basic Members earn 10% of revenues generated by clicks on supplied ads on their pages. The range increases 10% per membership level. VIP members earn 50% of revenues.

Influential Investors is backed by Internet and social networking visionaries including Richard Rosenblatt the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Demand Media and the former Chairman of and CEO of parent company Intermix; Fred Harman, the managing partner of Oak Investment; Matt Hill, the chairman and founder of eForce Media; and William Woodward, the managing director and founder of Anthem Venture Partners.

About is the premiere member-rated social networking website for localized, relevant content about the real world. Content includes video, audio, images, text and everything in your head. Members have fun and make money as they create sites, trade assets and rate each other while connecting to family, friends and communities around the world. Members earn real money via advertising click through and selling or auctioning assets for a profit. Headquartered in Montreal, was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer Rocky Mirza. To learn more about the experience, visit


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