Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ENGLAND auctioned for $60,001

England auction was resumed today for 5 minutes from 2:00PM EST to 2:05PM EST and the highest bid was $60,001.

The identity of the new king/queen of England is not revealed yet as the winning bidder has decided to remain anonymous. Weblo will announce the winner officially after confirming details with the winner. Although, the highest bid was $65,001.00 which was placed after the allowed 5 minutes of bidding (as shown in the picture above) so it was discarded and weblo decided to accept $60,001 as the highest bid.

Weblo’s Virtual Domain-Buying Site Funded for $3.3M

Weblo.com has received a funding of $3.3M from the VantagePoint Venture Partners. It may be surprising for some people, but I think that weblo does have a lot of potential to attract funding.

Weblo is allowing its users to manage celebrity pages or purchase virtual real estate ranging from regular properties to entire states or provinces. Weblo is currently auctioning England which closing today (July 17, 2007) at 2:05PM EST.
Regular properties include many holy places as well, for example, Kaaba. It provides information about the place and other useful information like how to find the direction of Qibla to which Muslims face during their prayer.
Some people think weblo as a pyramid scheme, however, I strongly beleive it has no ressemblance or any feature in common with pyramid schemes. The members or weblonians can earn money without even spending a single cent. The good example is the management of celebrity fan sites for example, the fan site of Vida Gurrea has received about 200k hits so far and manager has earned $121.45 and still making money. The manager registered a free celebrity without spending any money and is making money. So there are opportunities for every one at weblo, it all depends if some one is willing to accept that or not.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: England SOLD for $53000?

Yes it is right. England was being auctioned by weblo.com and today at the time of closing of the auction, the highest bid was $53,000.00.

The new King of England is the weblonian who uses alias of Dr. Jonson. So not only England has new Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown in real world but also a new Monarch in virtual world.

I would like to congratulate Dr. Jonson for become the newest virtual king of the England in the virtual world of Weblo.com.

Update from Weblo

After publishing the above lines, I went to weblo site and found some unexpected announcement there. Well Dr. Jonson will have to wait for some time now as this is what the weblo support team has to say about England Auction.

Jul. 13, 2007

Hi Weblonians, Wow what an incredible final hour for the auction. We were
watching as spectators and counting down the minutes to 12:05 am July13th when
suddenly the auction closed at 12:00am and 29 seconds with the top bid over
$50,000. This was an untimely and unexpected technical glitch that caused the
auction to stop 4 minutes and 31 seconds early and we
apologize. Our Weblo team was online watching the auction and we came
to a quick consensus that the only fair solution is to re-open the auction for
five minutes of bidding at a time and date we will determine tomorrow. This way
all bidders who were hoping to put in the top bid in the last few minutes will
have a fair chance. Please keep an eye on this Latest Developments section
for the date and time for the final five minutes of the auction. You can also
contact Member Support for updates. Again we apologize for the

-The Weblo Team

I hope that next time this kind of "glitch" will not effect any of the auction in future. It has left us all still wondering who is going to be the next Monarch?

Latest development/announcement

Weblo has just announced

There will be a final five minutes of bidding to become the ruler of England on July 17th at 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

So whoever want to bid and become English Monarch, still has a chance to do so.

Monday, July 2, 2007

England on Auction - New King/Queen may be from India

Auctioning of England is continueing at Weblo and highest bid there so far is around US$20,000. Nobody knows who is going to be the first virtual king/queen of England till the auction is closed on July 12, 2007. There is no restriction on who can take part in auction, so it is possible that next King/Queen may not be even an English person. Imagine first king/queen of England may be from India, Middle East or Far East :)

By the way whoever refers the successful winner of England Auction will win US$10,000. So please don't join weblo till the auction is closed as I don't want anybody else to win that money.

Other notable properties on weblo include Kaaba which is the most sacrad place for Muslims around the globe.

Weblo is running a $100 contest for marketing idea which will bring 1000 members to weblo.com. I don't know if $100 reward will provide enough motivation for members to actually actively participate in it.
Added on July 05, 2007.
Currently, the highest bid on England is US$26,050.00. The bid is expected to increase by the close of the auction. I cannot afford to spend that much money though I would love to be the new king of England. But if anyone out there reading this post would like to become king/queen then hurry auction is closing on July 12, 2007. England has already earned US$260.63. Weblo.com has decided to pay US$10 for each 1000 hits over 10,000 hits on VIP member's asset profile pages. England has about 30,300 hits and I leave the calculations to you.


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