Monday, July 2, 2007

England on Auction - New King/Queen may be from India

Auctioning of England is continueing at Weblo and highest bid there so far is around US$20,000. Nobody knows who is going to be the first virtual king/queen of England till the auction is closed on July 12, 2007. There is no restriction on who can take part in auction, so it is possible that next King/Queen may not be even an English person. Imagine first king/queen of England may be from India, Middle East or Far East :)

By the way whoever refers the successful winner of England Auction will win US$10,000. So please don't join weblo till the auction is closed as I don't want anybody else to win that money.

Other notable properties on weblo include Kaaba which is the most sacrad place for Muslims around the globe.

Weblo is running a $100 contest for marketing idea which will bring 1000 members to I don't know if $100 reward will provide enough motivation for members to actually actively participate in it.
Added on July 05, 2007.
Currently, the highest bid on England is US$26,050.00. The bid is expected to increase by the close of the auction. I cannot afford to spend that much money though I would love to be the new king of England. But if anyone out there reading this post would like to become king/queen then hurry auction is closing on July 12, 2007. England has already earned US$260.63. has decided to pay US$10 for each 1000 hits over 10,000 hits on VIP member's asset profile pages. England has about 30,300 hits and I leave the calculations to you.


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