Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weblo’s Virtual Domain-Buying Site Funded for $3.3M

Weblo.com has received a funding of $3.3M from the VantagePoint Venture Partners. It may be surprising for some people, but I think that weblo does have a lot of potential to attract funding.

Weblo is allowing its users to manage celebrity pages or purchase virtual real estate ranging from regular properties to entire states or provinces. Weblo is currently auctioning England which closing today (July 17, 2007) at 2:05PM EST.
Regular properties include many holy places as well, for example, Kaaba. It provides information about the place and other useful information like how to find the direction of Qibla to which Muslims face during their prayer.
Some people think weblo as a pyramid scheme, however, I strongly beleive it has no ressemblance or any feature in common with pyramid schemes. The members or weblonians can earn money without even spending a single cent. The good example is the management of celebrity fan sites for example, the fan site of Vida Gurrea has received about 200k hits so far and manager has earned $121.45 and still making money. The manager registered a free celebrity without spending any money and is making money. So there are opportunities for every one at weblo, it all depends if some one is willing to accept that or not.



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