Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Widgetbucks - Is it a scam?

Widgetbucks is getting a lot of buzz these days in the media and among the publishers as well. Some are reporting a good earning with Widgetbucks. On the other hand, some are declaring it a scam.

Widgetbucks ( was showcased as the web site of the week by pc magzine. Whereas Time Magzine included, the parent company of Widgetbucks in the top 50 sites of the year 2007.

Most probably, you already know what Widgetbucks is by now. It is an advertisement service which shows product price comparison widget of variouse categories of consumer products on publisher's website. The problem with Widgetbucks widgets which has been reported by a number of publishers is slower loading times. However, the company recently announced that widgets have been improved and should load quicker than before.

Widgetbucks is boasting $3-4 eCPM for some of its publishers which only time will test.

Widgetbucks also does not allow non-English language based websites to use widgets reason being the most advertisers are us-based.

Widgetbucks is giving $25 to all its new publishers as bonus just for joining the publishers' network. If you have a web site or a blog and would like additional stream of revenue then, it is worth using Widgetbucks.

I will be using Widgetbucks on this blog and some other websites and it will be interesting to see how does it works for me.



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