Wednesday, December 5, 2007

$10,000 Prize Winning Picture

$10,000 prize winning snapshot could be yours if you submit your orginal picture at Each year runs a contest to encourage and promote the work of amature photographers and artists. The picture you are looking at on the left side is one of the grand prize winner which shows a Tribesman of the Highlands Show--Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

Almost everybody has a digital camera or cell phone with camera and people do use these gadgets to take pictures all the time. The submission of picture to the contest is free and it won't cost anybody to upload a snapshot from your huge collection and upload it at . Next grand prize winner of $10,000 could be yours. Here is one more snapshot from the selection of last years winners. Isn't it a cute kitten but wait a minute look into your picture collection, I am sure you will find many worth submitting at

One more thing, if you win the prize at because you read about it here, don't forget to give me some credit for that.



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