Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don't send images by email, share them instead.

Sending images to my friends and family using email has been always a problem as it takes long time to upload images to email server and then it takes time to download the images by the friends and family members.

There are a number of image sharing websites out there which provide good and reliable image hosting. The main benefit of image sharing sites is that I get the URL of the image which is stored on a server and then send that URL to my friends and family and they can simply click on the link and view the images without even having to download them. Of course if they want to download and save the image on the computer, they can do that as well. ImageSak is one of such services which allow the users to upload images from computer or from internet (using URL upload) without even having to register. However, it is better to register so that you have your own private gallery which you can access and modify. ImageSak is relatively new service so it is much faster and free of any annoying popup/pop under advertisements. However, it needs some improvements as well. A help section and option to invite friends to the site will imporve the users experience.



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