Saturday, January 12, 2008

Follow this blogging roadmap for success or else Fail

Steven York wrote guest post at John Chow' blog (Not John Cow) how to create a roadmap for a blog to succeed. Steven York suggest the following stepping stones on the road to success:

1 - Write a Business plan
This document will define all the goals you want to achieve with a timeline. So, everyone set your targets for 2009 if you have not done so and of course write them somewhere also.

2 - Evaluate your current position
You assess your current position on the roadmap and then re-adjust your goals to make them more realistic. I can set a goal that I want to make $250,000 by the end of year but if I have not made a single dollar so far, it will be difficult to achieve that goal. So I should set my target again according to my current situation.

3 - Resource planning
Time and money are the resources which can be spent on blogging. Some have both and some of only time and hard on budget and some have money and no time to spend. So, as a blogger who have just set a goal, have to plan my resources at hand to achieve that target.

4 - Do you have any inspiration?
Well if you dont have any ispiration to do what you are doing then find one. Without right motivation and inspiration, it is difficult to achieve goals in any walk of life. So find one now.

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