Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Widgetbucks - Is it a scam?

Widgetbucks is getting a lot of buzz these days in the media and among the publishers as well. Some are reporting a good earning with Widgetbucks. On the other hand, some are declaring it a scam.

Widgetbucks ( was showcased as the web site of the week by pc magzine. Whereas Time Magzine included, the parent company of Widgetbucks in the top 50 sites of the year 2007.

Most probably, you already know what Widgetbucks is by now. It is an advertisement service which shows product price comparison widget of variouse categories of consumer products on publisher's website. The problem with Widgetbucks widgets which has been reported by a number of publishers is slower loading times. However, the company recently announced that widgets have been improved and should load quicker than before.

Widgetbucks is boasting $3-4 eCPM for some of its publishers which only time will test.

Widgetbucks also does not allow non-English language based websites to use widgets reason being the most advertisers are us-based.

Widgetbucks is giving $25 to all its new publishers as bonus just for joining the publishers' network. If you have a web site or a blog and would like additional stream of revenue then, it is worth using Widgetbucks.

I will be using Widgetbucks on this blog and some other websites and it will be interesting to see how does it works for me.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Video - How to make money online?

Video of the day
How to make money Online?

The information here is only for information purpose and before applying any information, please do so research on internet and then decide. Have fun and check back for a new one tommorrow on the same topic "how to make online money"

Friday, October 26, 2007

How juicy your social networking profile, videos, blogs or emails are?

Calculate Your InterNET Worth

Finally Gives Every Internet User Cash for Content. Seriously.How much did you make when YouTube was sold? is answering this question. Every piece of content you post online is worth something to some advertiser, somewhere. Every time someone views any piece of your content, be it a profile, a video, a blog post, or even an email, someone is making money from it. The only person not making money from your content, is usually, well, you. Until now. Using a proprietary formula based on several online advertising networks, Weblo calculates the value of your videos, social networking profiles, blogs and email addresses, based on your ‘fans’, how many friends you have, social networks you belong to, and other values. Then Weblo helps you cash in. After finding out how much your content is worth to Internet advertisers, Weblo gives you easy access to ads and you start making money. In other words: Got video of your friend skateboarding off a rail and pulling serious air? Make some money from it, instead of just getting a few comments on YouTube.

“The internet is dominated by user generated videos, blogs, and social networking profiles but few of these millions of content providers ever get paid for their valuable content,” notes Rocky Mirza CEO and founder of “By calculating your InterNET Worth, users can find out how much their digital assets are truly worth, and start making money with Internet ads.” People claim their Internet profiles, videos, blogs and emails for free at Then they follow the simple steps to get ads and they start getting paid for their internet popularity.

Weblo has also sparked a digital gold rush as users race to ‘list’ the best content on the web. Weblo allows anyone to profit from popular internet content by becoming a listing agent for content they don’t own. Listing agents calculate the InterNET Worth of any video, profile, blog or email address and then become the exclusive agent. Listing agents make money from internet ads that are placed on the content owners’ videos, profiles, blogs and emails. This revolutionary approach to helping everyday internet users receive their rightful share of Internet profits is the latest offering from, which for the past year has been allowing members to profit by buying and selling virtual copies of real world cities, states, properties and domains.

Few people would pay to use social networking sites

Over 70% of social networking users would stop using a site

Few U.S. consumers are willing to pay a monthly fee to use social networking sites, according to Digital Media Habits II, a new survey from market research firm Parks Associates. This online survey of Internet users found 72% of social networking users would stop using a site if required to pay a $2 monthly fee. Likewise, nearly 40% would stop if a site contains too many advertisements.

These findings present a challenge to the companies competing in the social networking space. Parks Associates found 80% of broadband users ages 18-25 use these sites on a monthly basis; however, monetizing these users is proving to be difficult, with even category leaders such as MySpace struggling to turn big profits.

“Having a big base of loyal users is not enough,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. To really succeed, he pointed out, social networking sites must consistently deliver to advertisers a desirable consumer demographic, preferably when they are about to make a purchase decision. For example, a site devoted to car buyers presents obvious advertising opportunities while sites with broad appeal are too watered down to command a premium. “Sites aren’t able to sell a hodgepodge mix of consumers for very much,” Barrett said. “It’s one size fits nobody.”


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