Saturday, December 22, 2007

10 traffic boosting tips and tricks

I have just started my website what should I do to get visitors to my site cause my site may be the best but without visitors it is worthless. You might have heard this many times before and might have shared some of your tips to increase traffic count on the site.

This is what I asked and then searched the net for answers for many hours. I am sharing some of the methods which I used with good success.

  1. Have a signature link in forums that points to your site.

  2. Write something great about your niche and email other bloggers to let them know – there’s a good chance they’ll link to you.

  3. Leave comments on other people’s blogs and link back to your site.

  4. Review a product or company – if your review is positive email the company and ask to be featured in their press section.

  5. Submit a blog to a blog directory and submit you RSS feed to RSS feed directories.

  6. Optimize the titles of your pages for keywords people will search for

  7. Try to write something opposite to everyone else on a popular topic. Everyone will try to prove you wrong.

  8. Create a freebie product to give away (ebook, software, whitepaper etc.)

  9. Pass out business cards when you go to industry events in your niche.

  10. Write good headlines/titles – good titles get more clicks.

I am not saying these are 100% new methods and I am the first person to try these. If you are getting traffic to your sites, you must already been using some or even all of these. I thought I might put these here in one place so that you might not have to spend much time to search these as I had to when I was starting.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Affiliate Post Submission at

myCashDiary allows the affiliate marketers to post affiliate blog post free. The affiliate link should not be adult related products, drugs, illegal products. All the affiliate related posts can be submitted using the affiliate submit form. The post should be original and not have been submitted anywhere else like in article directory.

I think it is a good opportunity for affiliate marketers to post affiliate blog post free to get some extra traffic as well as some more exposure to their products by submitting it at myCashDiary. Extra traffic is always good as it will also increase the conversion rate.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

$118.24 Earning at

Weblo pays its members on 15th of every month. has a payout programm called GoPass. Members are paid at the following rate for each 1000 page views depending on the membership level.

Membership : Basic Bronz/Silver Gold/Platinum

Payment: $5 $7 $10

Hits required: 30k 20k 10k

There are other opportunities for payment as well such as revenue share from advertisements on profile pages, reselling the profiles etc. There is no minimum limit to transfer money to your paypal account.

I earned $118.24 which were transfered to my account on November 15, 2007. I am hoping to make that kind of money this month as well and will post here. If you like to join, please use my refer code 78ce0. pays $1.00 to its members for every referal and it wont be taken from your money.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can you count How Many?

You know how to count money and must be very good at it. Can you count how many kids are riding this motorbike?

I think you are still counting.... 1 2 3 ...........

Well let me if you are done counting :)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

$10,000 Prize Winning Picture

$10,000 prize winning snapshot could be yours if you submit your orginal picture at Each year runs a contest to encourage and promote the work of amature photographers and artists. The picture you are looking at on the left side is one of the grand prize winner which shows a Tribesman of the Highlands Show--Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

Almost everybody has a digital camera or cell phone with camera and people do use these gadgets to take pictures all the time. The submission of picture to the contest is free and it won't cost anybody to upload a snapshot from your huge collection and upload it at . Next grand prize winner of $10,000 could be yours. Here is one more snapshot from the selection of last years winners. Isn't it a cute kitten but wait a minute look into your picture collection, I am sure you will find many worth submitting at

One more thing, if you win the prize at because you read about it here, don't forget to give me some credit for that.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don't send images by email, share them instead.

Sending images to my friends and family using email has been always a problem as it takes long time to upload images to email server and then it takes time to download the images by the friends and family members.

There are a number of image sharing websites out there which provide good and reliable image hosting. The main benefit of image sharing sites is that I get the URL of the image which is stored on a server and then send that URL to my friends and family and they can simply click on the link and view the images without even having to download them. Of course if they want to download and save the image on the computer, they can do that as well. ImageSak is one of such services which allow the users to upload images from computer or from internet (using URL upload) without even having to register. However, it is better to register so that you have your own private gallery which you can access and modify. ImageSak is relatively new service so it is much faster and free of any annoying popup/pop under advertisements. However, it needs some improvements as well. A help section and option to invite friends to the site will imporve the users experience.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cell Phone Number Lookup

A cell phone number lookup is an easy way for you to find information about a number that you've found or that has called your home, work, or mobile phone. Whether you're worried that your partner is cheating, that you've missed an important business call, or that you've lost touch with an old acquaintance, doing a cell phone number lookup with can help you get the answers you need, and you won't even have to leave your computer!
Cell Phone Number Lookups - Your Options
To do a cell phone number lookup, you'll need to go to a site which provides such a service. Of course, you are probably already familiar with the countless sites on the Internet that offer free reverse lookup services.
Most of these do a great job of providing information if you're looking for a landline number that isn't unlisted. The bad news is that a growing number of the phone numbers we're seeing aren't from landlines. Free services won't be able to help you if you're researching a cell phone or unlisted number.
Reverse Phone - The Best on the Net
In those cases, you'll need to turn to a paid service. That's not such a bad thing, usually because you'll end up with more accurate, up-to-date information and, in the case of Reverse Phone Detective, you'll learn more about the individual who owns the number than you probably imagined possible, like family members, relatives, and background information.
The registration process is simple and you only need to do it once. With Reverse Phone Detective, your membership entitles you to an unlimited number of searches, so in the future you only need to log in to find what you need.

After you've registered, you'll be able to do your cell phone number lookup. Simply enter the area code and seven digits of the phone number in question. After you hit "Search," the system will make a match using the number and its extensive database of records. While most reverse lookup services contain hardly any records, Reverse Phone Detective has wide coverage across the U.S., so you'll get your results within seconds.

When available, you'll find out the name of the cell phone number's owner and their address, as well as background details you won't find through any free services.

If you want information on a certain cell phone number, then you're better off going straight to You will quickly find out what you need to know, and the service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Just enter the cell phone number in the search box and find out the owner of the cell phone.


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