Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Add Youtube, MetaCafe, Google or Myspace video to wordpress blog?

I know it might be very basic simple thing for many bloggers but it took me some time to find out how to add videos from, Gooogle Videos, Metacafe or Myspace videos on my wordpress blog. I found some solutions for that but the most simple one was by the installation of My Video wordpress plugin.

Installation of plugin
Here is how you can add videos to your wordpress blogs:

1. Download the My Video wordpress plugin here.

2. Unzip the file and upload it to wordpress plugin directory.

3. In wordpress, activate My Video plugin.

4. Under Options, click on My Video and you can change the video size.

Adding Videos

Now the MyVideo plugin is installed and activated, it is time to add the video to wordpress blog.

YouTube Videos

For youtube videos add [youtube]videoid[/youtube]


MetaCafe Video

For Metacafe video, add [metacafe]number[/metacafe]


Google Video

For google video, add [google]Docid[/google]


MySpace Video

For myspace video add [myspace]videoid[/myspace]


Enjoy adding videos to your wordpress blog.

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Jason A Clark said...

I'm guessing you have to do it this way if you use the visual editor? Otherwise you can just use the embed code and it works least for me...

Anonymous said...

The direct embed code works for me as well most of time. but sometimes it just wont work. So I think I will use this plugin to see how it works. Can you give me the link where it is being used to see how it is working.


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